Lara Schamotta

lara-schamotta-rmt-1Lara Schamotta is a graduate of 2200-hours MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy program. Lara provides her patients with a very unique investigative outlook and treatment approach due to her experience as a certified personal trainer for 15-years and having competed at a high level (with distinction) at multiple sports.

The diversity of her patients have ranged from top athletes in sports such as football, soccer, gymnastics, bodybuilding, fitness and track athletes to patients with chronic diseases or injuries. She brings an in-depth and scientific approach to muscular development, mobility, flexibility and injury recovery to all of her patients.

Lara provides expertise in deep tissue, sports therapy, relaxation, pregnancy and Swedish massage as well as trigger point and myofascial release, TMJ dysfunction, Manual Lymphatic drainage and more. She engages the belief that every person is unique and therefore has individual needs and treatment goals.

In Lara’s spare time her hobbies include weight lifting, yoga, running, sprinting, music, cooking, house renovations and spending time with her pets.

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